Welcome to profitrade

We are proprietary trading and investment/trading advisory service provider to large high net worth individuals,institutional investors and hedgefunds in global markets.We ask for share on profit and not any advance payment.
Profitrade is about creating, managing and reviewing an investment and trading process that is created especially for you to make huge profits in markets. This approach to trading is unique and very simple as it has built in features like investment ideation, financial discipline and prudent decision making.

The process constantly responds to both opportunity and threats which are thrown at you by the markets wild swings. This dynamic approach ensures that you earn money constantly and deploy it intelligently using the markets wild mood swings from greed to fear and back. Importantly profitrade is born out of years of practice as an investors/traders and has evolved through constant refinement and continuous learning.

Profitrade provides the best trade signal which is timely resulting in highly profitable trading in index, stocks, commodities and forex futures and options. Profitrade technical research team works 24 / 7  using their vast experience in research focusing on major stock indexes like S&P, EMINI S&P, NASDAQ  and DOW JONES and few major stocks like WAL-MART, GOOGLE , AMAZON , FACEBOOK, QQQ, MICROSOFT, COCA-COLA, APPLE, TWITTER and many more.

Profitrade also provides very profitable trading signals in CRUDE OIL, GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, EURUSD, JPYUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD.