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Profitrade was established in the year 2008 as an international remote trading company specializing in futures and options trading in almost all reputed stock exchanges worldwide. Profitrade has placed its head-office in Dubai, UAE and operates with its regional offices in Chennai, India networking with global investors, wealth management institutions, proprietary traders and hedge funds managing their equity portfolios with high-yielding results of offering 50% on an average as ROI.


Profitrade has initially emerged as a proprietary trading company managing its own company investments with strong risk management systems in place and acquiring adequate market research expertise, developing an integrated money management technique specializing in futures and options has given substantial returns on the company investments over a period of time. With proven methods and systems the company has decided to explore the strategy as a business targeting high-net-worth and institutional investors offering Remote Trading Services and work on profit sharing.


Meet our CEO

  Murali Kabirdass

Murali Kabirdass is the founder and Chief Executive Officer for Profitrade. He excels in innovation. Combined with strategic vision and a steadfast focus on the long-term, it proved the touchstone of his success and laid the foundation for the growth of Profitrade. From its onset, more than four decades ago, to the present day, his imprint and influence are clear and unmistakable.


In 1986, Murali Kabirdass joined Best Cast IT Ltd, leaders in manufacturing aluminum gravity die casting and gravity die casting products. His entrepreneurship and drive led to the creation, in 2008 of Shareway Securities, a leading stock broking company. Where, after a few years of hardship, he mastered all the tricks of the trade and soon became an investment guru.  His charisma, energy, and optimism won him the confidence and support of many.


Murali thought only in opportunities and rarely saw obstacles. He has the ability to identify and develop promising opportunities at an early stage. And his vision extended far beyond India with the launch of Profitrade in Dubai.

Remote Trading Services
Remote Trading Services

Profitrade offers remote trading services to high-net-worth and institutional investors, proprietary trading companies, wealth management firms and Hedge funds with a fund size of minimum 1 million US dollars. The specialty of Profitrade is that we don’t take any fund from the investor; rather the entire capital is under the control of the investor.

  Remote Trading Services

The investor should hold an active trading account with any broking house and shall share the login credentials with us, we trade on behalf of the investor and all profits accrued lies on the investors’ trading account, we only work on the agreed profit sharing and we don’t charge any service fee or upfront charges for the service we do. This is a business module of Profitrade exclusively created targeting international investors who are willing to trade with one million US dollars. With all systems in place, Profitrade offers 50% as ROI on an average.

Why Profitrade
Why Profitrade

Since investing with Profitrade, we have worked together to get a clear understandable plan for our future which gives us confidence and security knowing what kind of lifestyle we can lead. In addition, we have seen gains to our investments in a short space of time which is a reassuring indicator. Our meetings are consultative and personal with all decisions made after full discussion and clear explanation.


- G. Rangaswamy


Profitrade provides an excellent service, be it on a business or on a personal level. I have found the company's advice regarding investment opportunities particularly helpful - everything is explained fully, no matter how complex the subject. I am pleased to see the results in comparison to the experiences one reads or hears about in the media. I get the feeling that Profitrade is ahead of the game.


- Alwin Paul Suresh


As an investor, I am constantly searching for solid investment opportunities and the ones presented by Profitrade always rise to the top.  I have invested in different segments and each has met or exceeded their well-calculated projections.  Profitrade is a conscientious investor who maintains discipline in his strategy, to which his success is a testament.


J. Ramesh Kumar


I am a cautious investor. I have participated in numerous investment opportunities offered by Profitrade over the past few years.  The ROI in all cases has been very positive with returns exceeding the initial business plans. Profitrade's knowledge and attention to market opportunities and risk management have been instrumental in their success and good performance over the years.


- Md Ashiq

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Mail Us: Profitrade 1059 DMCC, 2101, Tiffany Tower, Cluster W, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates P.O.Box: 212506 E-mail: mk@profitrade.com